The feral Australian political landscape


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I have a passing interest in politics.  I’m not a die-hard supporter of any political party or person, however I do like to keep myself informed about the goings-on in the political world, both here in Australia and internationally.  Here in OZ, it is a requirement for all people over 18 to vote, and yet I find that I look forward to exercising this enforced “right” simply because I want to contribute to democracy in a small way in order to simply do my part.  I take an interest in the things that the politicians say about their policies and the way they govern the nation, and about the objections raised when policy is challenged by those in opposition. Sure, democratic freedom gives us rights, and yet I also see it as important that I have an obligation to make an informed decision when it comes time to cast my vote. So in light of the many recent events that have made news in Australian politics, how is it that the ordinary citizen can choose in the best interests of the nation when the opposing parties have lost sight of their purpose, and have sunk to the low depths of mud-slinging, scare mongering, and some of the worst behaviour that I have ever seen by these seemingly educated individuals who the Australian people now have the misfortune to have leading the nation?

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Sean Robins:

Read something online recently that reminded me of an old blog post of mine. Thought it would be worth re-blogging… simply because this sort of thing comes up so often and gets under my skin.

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I went for a walk a couple of evenings ago with my wife. As couples often do we were strolling along slowly, enjoying the hot summer evening air and chatting about the little things.  It was about 7:30pm and while the traffic was reasonably light, there can be times when we get a lot of cars moving through our neighborhood so we usually try and walk through the quieter streets, being nosy and looking into peoples gardens for interesting plants and ideas. Naturally to get to these quieter streets we usually need to follow a path that takes us through some of the heavier traffic areas, and at that time of night, you have a lot of people out and about in their cars, visiting friends, returning with their groceries, or just going about other business.  So it was with some surprise that my wife noticed a very small child…

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The continuing violence in Palestine


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So this is my very first post to a new blog, and I’ve decided to start myself off easy… O.k. perhaps not so easy. Why on earth did I choose to tackle such a huge subject as the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, and in particular the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?!! The answer to that particular question is easy, it’s because the endless conflict bothers me and I’ve got an opinion about it.  The answer to the question of what to do about the conflict, that’s much trickier to answer, as wiser people than myself have surely tried.

I am definitely a lay person when it comes to knowledge about middle eastern affairs.  I’m neither Israeli or Palestinian, I’m not a Muslim or a Jew, and yet  I find myself deeply affected when I see on the news that there continues to be violent conflict in the region. I find myself compelled to sympathize with people on both sides of the conflict, as a parent who would hate to see his own children killed by a bunch of people who haven’t learned how to get along without resorting to terrorism. No matter how I look at the situation, regardless of the issues, who started the conflict, or why the people involved are so driven to behave the way that they do, I can’t help but observe that the terrorism is being inflicted on both sides, by BOTH sides.

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